10 Cloverfield Lane

It's easy to follow favorite actors, actresses, and even directors or screenwriters, but how about producers. I certainly don't follow many producers by name, but I do pay close attention to J.J. Abrams and Jonathon Koch (my college friend who has made it to the big time world of producing) think Kennedy's mini series, Ring of Fire and Happy Valley. J.J. Abrams caught my attention many years ago with Lost, and now I get excited by anything he touches. Why? Because I love his mind, ideas and thought process. I rented 10 Cloverfield Lane from Redbox for this reason, no idea of the storyline and although I am a little squeamish on horror shows( which it is not), I was relieved it was PG-13 ( in my mind this means I could stomach it). My suggestion for you? Don't even read a review or a blurb, just rent it and watch it. The genre is Fantasy/Mystery and the cast consists of three main actors. Even though Bradley Cooper makes the ending credits, it's not a Bradley Cooper film, you wouldn't even know he is in it(because he isn't). Maybe he and J.J. are friends, and it's a voice cameo. Take my dare, don't research it, or read the back cover, just rent it download it, stream it or buy it and watch it. Rotten Tomatoes gives it 90%, my rating: Loved it, made me surprised and glad I wasn't texting.

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