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With the last few weeks of summer coming to a close, why not take a road trip and go camping? If a wilderness trek is on your mind, watch this movie first--or maybe not. This survival film is a clutch the pillow, fingernail gnawing film that made me want to throw our tent away, ( who am I kidding-- I don't own a tent).

Outback is a 2014 independent film directed by Adam Mcdonald in his first feature directorial debut. It is available on Amazon, Showtime and Starz. Shot on location in North Bay, Ontario, the scenery is spectacular and vivid.

Should urban couples go camping in remote areas of the wilderness? How about if one thinks they are equipped? Just remember cell service does not usually work in the forest and wild animals like it that way for a reason. Cast includes Missy Peregrym, Eric Balfour, Jeff Roop and Nicholas Campbell

I'm not into horror, but this story based on actual events, kept me glued to the screen, my heart thumping and shortness of breath. If you need a good date movie to hold on tight, try this one. Don't forget, it might be educational to watch this before your next camping trip. Oh and cool trivia fact: the film is set in fictional "Nibookaazo Provincial Park", which translates in the native North American Ojibwe language into "Pretend to be Dead Provincial Park". This is written on a canoe in the movie. Look for it!

My rating: Great movie to get your heart beating and sit close to a date.

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