Valentine's Day: some love it-- some hate it. It's a LOVE day and I don't know about you, but it's not possible for me to have TOO much love in my life. Bring it on. Love makes the world go round. Love is all we need or is it all we need is love?

So, hug your mother, your father, your child, your friend, your partner, your spouse, your lover. Love your neighbor and just maybe all the love in the air will make the day special. We don't need a special day to tell someone we love them, but, we celebrate all sorts of things, so why not celebrate love for one entire day.

Need some inspiration?

Here are five films I think show the spirit of LOVE:

1. Notebook (2004) - I know, I know...a classic love story starring Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gosling. The book by the same name written by Nicholas Sparks (1996) is just as wonderful. It was his break-out novel and it's no wonder it's one of those writer's fairytale stories of would have to be dead for this story not to touch your heart.

2. Always- ( 1999) A Steven Speilberg film starring Holly Hunter, John Goodman, Brad Johnson and Richard Dreyfuss. If you like romance, adventure and dare-devil fire fighting mixed in with a little magic, watch Always. It might make you laugh and cry, but it will make you feel emotion.

3. An Affair To Remember ( 1957) If you are not familiar with the original movie about meeting your love at the top of the Empire State Building, then watch the film that is conisdered one of the most romantic movies ever made. Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr play Nickie Ferrante and Terry McKay, two unlikely people who meet on on a cruise and cupid strikes. Will they get together?

4. CasaBlanca- "Play it again Sam" and if you don't know what that famous quote means, watch the movie CasaBlanca for the first time. A classic black and white film of sacrifice and love. Open up an old bottle of wine.

5. Say Anything ( 1989) Had to throw a 1980's movie in here. Who can forget Cameron Crowe's "Say Anything" with John Cusak holding up the boom box to the upstairs window, blasting "in your eyes". Be still my heart.

What's your favorite love story movie?

Throw some love around today, tonight and celebrate this thing called love!

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