The Kalediscope- Book Review

The Kaleidoscope by B K Nault

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The Kaleidoscope by B K Nault is one of two books excerpts, featured at the back of my ebook version of, A Deep Thing, by A. K. Smith.

Obviously, the author B K Nault and I share the same publisher, but I had no idea what else we had in common. Was it a thriller? Suspense?

I sat down to read The Kaleidoscope, without really knowing what the story entailed.

What I did know, is that I love kaleidoscopes, I always have. In Jerome, Arizona, there is a store devoted hundred percent to selling Kaleidoscopes called Nellie Bly and Nellie Bly II. Enter the doors of this unique shop in this high mile ghost town in Arizona, and you could get lost turning Kaleidoscopes for hours.

Well, that’s what happened as I read, The Kaleidoscope, I became lost in the story, and the beautifully developed diverse characters Nault created.

How lucky am I that my debut book, A Deep Thing, has The Kaleidoscope by Beverly Nault in the back of the ebook? Yes, the stunning cover alludes to the magic qualities inside, but the story is beautifully written.

Simply stated, I loved this book, Nault draws you inside the world of the characters she’s created with ease and simplicity. Harold, Pepper, Rashan and Walter came to life, and I was instantly absorbed in the twist and turns of the story.

You don’t have to like kaleidoscopes to enjoy this book, but I happen to love the curious pieces of art, created by some artist, that provide you in one turn, a million different images. That’s what Nault does with her artistry. She creates a little suspense, romance, sci-fi, and imagination all swirling in this kaleidoscope of a story.

Pick this book up if you want to be entertained for five hours and leave with a new sense of wonder.

Nault is a storyteller, and she will capture your heart and mind with her creativity.

Author Bio:

Beverly Nault writes Fresh Start Stories, because everyone needs one from time to time. From her fiction to nonfiction, her stories are filled with colorful characters whose lives are changed through page turning storylines that draw the reader in through humor, poignant moments, and fun-filled adventure. Beverly’s also the Associate Editor of the literary journal, “Eastern Iowa Review,” and is also a freelance developmental editor.

Bev lives with her husband Gary in Southern California and dabbles in photography. She has two grown and married children, and one incredibly talented month old granddaughter who already shows a huge amount of potential.

“The Kaleidoscope,” (2015, Wild Rose/Crimson Press) a romantic suspense, earned an InDy’Tale Magazine five-star review and their Crowned Heart for excellence. “The mystery that unravels around the Kaleidoscope is well written and unravels in a way that leave the reader both thinking and guessing. The bit of romance Harold finds as well will make the reader smile and cheer at the end. The Kaleidoscope should be on every reader's must-read list!”

Beverly also co-wrote “Lessons from the Mountain, What I Learned from Erin Walton,” with Mary McDonough about her years working up on the acclaimed television program, and her life growing up in Hollywood. “Lessons” won the Ella Dickey Literacy Award.

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