Travel Auctions-Bid now!

Travel Auctions- Bid on a vacation now!

I have always been fascinated by the fast-talking auctioneers. I can't mimic their bidding language and sometimes have a hard time following the bids, but I’m intrigued a human being can talk that fast. If you have ever felt your heart race at the sound of an auctioneer or enjoy the thrill of bidding on items at lower prices, whether a silent auction for chairty, a live auction, or ebay, you might want to keep reading.

Did you know that you can bid on vacation packages online? My favorite site and one I have placed bids and won (several times) is Luxury Link. Luxury Link is one of many hot websites featured in my 2017 edition Travel Secrets book. If you can be flexible and want unique ideas of fabulous resorts to visit, this site is a great way to score a luxury vacation at a terrific price.

In the last few years, Luxury Link stopped the auctions, but this year they are back! I’m doing a happy dance!

Here's an example from today's listed auctions. If you have any desire to go to Florida near West Palm Beach or Jupiter Island you can bid on this vacation package: 2-night hotel stay for 2 guests in a Resort View King room on Mother’s Day weekend. If you check the price of these rooms on Expedia for next weekend, they are $510 a night not including tax!

Let’s compare: $1020 for two nights vs $298? At the time of this article there were no bids. Luxury Link does not charge an auction fee or processing fees, but they are non-refundable. They currently have 33 auctions listed and available for bidding. The locations are all over the world, and are luxury resorts & hotels.

I almost hate to share Luxury Link with you, because now I know you will be bidding against me! But my motivation is for YOU to travel more, and create a travel bucket list.

Travel auctions, such as Luxury Link, as well as hundreds of other insider secrets to saving money on vacation, are included in my 2017 Travel Secrets book. Right now, Travel Secrets is a featured Amazon Countdown promotion, only $0.99 for the next 48 hours! I would love it if you would read it and write a review!

Happy Vacationing!

Travel more and spend less!

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