Book Review- Two Graves by Zoe Kalo

“A mask under a mask under a mask.”Two Graves by Zoe Kalo plunges you into a world of classical music, literature, art, and darkness. The main character, Anjelica, switches back and forth between the present and a traumatic event that happened seven years ago. Kalo’s haunting descriptions and lyrical imaging is intriguing and pushes you forward in a maze of emotions in your quest for the truth of what happened. The protagonist, Anjelica, struggles with the meaning of life and yet is drawn into her own instincts of revenge, regardless of the price. The setting is reminiscent of a scene from Stanley Kubrick's, Eyes Wide Shut, and like the film, I’m sure as the series continues hidden messages will be explored and explained. Two Graves is a quick read that will whisk you away from reality for a moment, into a psychological twist of a story. The images and setting created by the author stayed with me. View all my reviews.

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