Celebrate Cinco De Mayo –Four Great Places to Visit in Mexico

When you think of Cinco De Mayo, does your mouth water for chicken fajitas, ceviche, street tacos or a frozen mango margarita?

Photo by Marcia Brockmeyer

Cinco De Mayo is a holiday celebrating Mexico, but contrary to popular belief it is not Mexico’s Independence Day (celebrated in Mexico on September 16th). According to Wikipedia, Cinco De Mayo, which translates to five of May dates back to the mid-1800’s with the French occupation of Mexico, which took place after the Mexico-American War and The Reform War. Not surprisingly, after war, Mexico was almost bankrupt, and President Benito Juárez suspended all foreign debt payment for two years. France, Britain and Spain unhappy about not getting paid, sent naval forces to Mexico demanding payment. Britain and Spain finally negotiated with Mexico, but France ruled by Napolean III, came in fighting.

On the 5th of May, 1862, a small Mexico army beat the larger powerful French army, and President Benito Juarez declared it was the Battle of Puebla Day or Cinco De Mayo. Although it is not a statutory holiday in Mexico, public schools are closed. In American and Canada, a wide variety of cities organize Mexican street fairs and celebrations. Mexican local eateries offer unique cuisine, culture and music.

Beer distributors welcome the holiday and the likelihood of a Mexican beer special on this day in May would be high. Cantinas internationally have used this popular weekend to celebrate Mexico, party, and drinking. Cinco De Mayo parties are the latest buzz. In your town, this weekend, are there multiple Cinco De Mayo celebrations going on?

If not, here’s my suggestion—visit a local Mexican café and taste the tequila, cerveza, and dishes. If you’re up for the adventure, use this day to plan a trip to Mexico and celebrate the culture all year long.

Here are four fantastic places to celebrate Mexico:

Riveria Maya

Beaches of Puerto Morelas- Riveria Maya photo by Anita Kaltenbaugh

If you have never traveled to this jungle, barrier reef and white beach area of the Yucatan (86 miles (120km) of shoreline) in the state of Quintana Roo, what are you waiting for– the time has never been better with Riveria Maya specials all over the internet. White sands, vibrant blue waters, and underground caves are ready for your exploration. The area which encompasses Puerto Morelas to Sa’an Kian Reserve offers both a party nightlife to a relaxed atmosphere in the towns of Playa Del Carmen, Tulum and Puerto Morelos. Fly into Cancun, Mexico – Cancun Airport (CUN) or Cozumel (COZ).

Puerto Vallarta

Sunset in Puerto Vallarta- photo by Anita Kaltenbaugh

Puerto Vallarta offers visitors the historical and the modern charm. Enjoy a fabulous sunset on a tranquil bay or take a hiking adventure in the lush tropical jungles that cover the mountains. Fly into Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Ordaz (PVR).

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas- Mexico

This gorgeous city at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula is familiar with the spring breakers and the celebrities offering an array of beautiful accommodations and nightlife. Large rocks jut out of the sea inviting romance and seclusion and live music and a lively beach scene entertain those who love a crowd. Fly into Las Cabo airport (SJD).

Puerto Penasco

Puerto Penasco Mexico- Photo by Anita Kaltenbaugh

This little-known beach town on the fantastic Sea of Cortez is only a four-hour drive from Phoenix, Arizona. An expat haven, beautifully decorated oceanfront condominiums are available for rent at low prices. The newly restored Old Port or Malecon features restaurants, shopping, and cantinas directly on the sea. This secret beach haven is worth checking out. Fly into Phoenix International Airport (PHX ). Here's a great 2 bedroom 2 bath water front condo for under $125 a night.

Perhaps, the crowds or vacation are not in your immediate plans. Then put some mariachi music on in your backyard, sit in your lawn chair wearing a sombrero and enjoy some tacos, cheese crisps, and burritos. Fiesta.

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

photo by Marcia Brockmeyer

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