Hot! Hot! Hot!

It's so hot in Phoenix right now they are grounding planes. I'm serious. I'm calling for a HEAT DAY. When I was young, I treasured snow days. I'll never forget the anticipation of a snow day. You would watch the news or listen to the radio, with fingers crossed, praying they would call your school district! The big difference, as a kid in Pennsylvania, you didn't care if your nostrils froze, and your face turned bright red-- you still played outside, at least for a little while. The best part was when you came inside, and Mom made hot chocolate or warm soup as you sat by the fireplace warming your fingers and toes.

Well, a heat day is a whole different ball game. There's not much playing outside, maybe a quick dip in a pool. There's no mom and hot chocolate! But, there are solutions. Heat Day's are HOT! Even if the humidity is low, it's like an oven baking.

So what to do on a heat day? Here are my heat day survival tips: Turn the air down low (keep going), close the blinds, watch a great movie or grab a fantastic book and cover up with an afghan. Ice cream, milkshakes or snow cones will most definatley help the situation, and if you choose a movie about snow or read a book about water, you're cooling down.

Cold movie suggestions that might give you the chill factor:

The Shining - A great chill classic: an isolated hotel in the middle of winter, there's even a maze in the snow... based on a Stephen King novel, need I say more?

Transsiberian -Dead of winter on a train. I liked it.

The Edge - Billionaires, bears and the Alaska wilderness, hard to miss with actors Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin.

Fargo- The name and the tag line says it all: Small town. Big crime. Dead cold.

Eight Below- Story of survival, friendship & adventure in Antartica. Great!

Summer beach reads that take place on an island, beach or jungle:

A Deep Thing by A. K. Smith- suspense, conspiracy- I'm offering a Heat Day special this week only $0.99 ! Dive in.

On the Island by Tracey Garvis Graves - A novel about a teacher and a student being stranded on an island. I liked this book.

The Beach The book that created the movie starring Leonardo DeCaprio. A mysterious map, a hidden beach. Better than the movie.

So, enjoy your heat day, stay cool my friends!

I snapped this photo last night! No filters were used, and actually the sun was bright orange/red...

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