Book Club's are Awesome

Do you belong to a book club? Or, have you ever attended a book club? Well, if you haven't and you like books, maybe it's time you started one. Has this ever happened to you? You turn the very last page of a book, and your mind is reeling. Oh if only you could ask the author, or even a friend, a few questions... your journey would be complete.

Each reader embarks on their own journey with every book. They may love it or hate it, but they usually want to discuss it or ask a few questions.

As an author, I started offering a 30-minute skype, zoom or facetime call to any book club that selects my novel, A Deep Thing, as their book of the month. A book club discussion guide is also available to any group that chooses my book.

All you need is a small group of readers, a monthly meeting spot and you're all set! A Book Club Group does not have to be made up of best friends. Try posting a notice in your neighborhood, church, or a collective group you belong to, and see who likes to read. Some groups meet at a coffee shop, library or restaurant. Some book clubbers like to drink in their neighborhood, rotating houses with snacks or food that match the theme or setting. Mobile book clubs like to do an activity or visit a location mentioned in the book. And, some book clubs can be two or three readers who read the same book every month and just meet to share their thoughts.

For those who are short on time, there are book clubs on Goodreads and online that are a text away to belonging. Book clubs can be a fantastic way to gather together with like-minded people, and socialize (yes, wine has been included), but you end up discussing books and life in general.

In the past six months, I have been fortunate to be involved with six different book clubs.

Out of the six book clubs, I have attended (two in person, and four by email or face time) we have had a fantastic discussion about life, what if’s and journey of A Deep Thing.

Thanks to all the book clubs who have featured my book. You are the best! What I discovered is wonderful happy people who may not have everything in common, but the one fantastic component is their love of a good story and discussing the details. If you are interested in having your book club feature my suspense/conspiracy book, A Deep Thing, email me at, I would love to be included!

Here's some of the pictures from my past book clubs and a little blurb from the most recent club, "Well Red and Well Fed Book Club" (love that name!)

Well Red Well Fed Book Club:

Well Red and Well Fed Book Club –Columbus, OH July 31,2017

From left to right-front Renee, Sandy, Valerie, middle-Kathy, Susan, Dianne, Back-Cara, Elizabeth, Jean, missing Julie-vacationing at the beach

Our book club has been in existence for 9 years, all original members. We started meeting at one of our member’s winery (Thus the reference well red) for wine and appetizers, then evolved into dinners themed to the book we chose for the month.

This month’s selection was A Deep Thing by A.K. Smith, chosen by Kathy Padova. It is a great suspense novel that is hard to put down. Our host for the evening was Sandy Vance, assisted by Jean Collier. Part of the adventure in the book takes place camping in the jungle in the Yucatan Peninsula. Sandy and Jean treated us to foil packs of tropical chicken, Recipe .Not much dessert served camping in the jungle, but there was a reference to how much the guides loved chocolate, so Sandy and Jean created a chocolate fountain, with lots of yummy treats to dip in chocolate. Good time, good food, great book discussion.

Scottsdale, AZ: Belizian and Mexican food to follow the theme. A combined neighborhood club with Montana Ranch & Pueblo Bonito about 10 active members.

Scottsdale, AZ bookclub- A nameless club that's been gathering for two years

Western Pennsylvania Book club: Book Thyme

A special thanks to my college friends who did a ZOOM book club, it was so much fun catching up! Sharon, Krista, Deena, Laura, Mary, Marta, Cici and Bethanne!

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