Book Review: Passion Unscripted

Are you looking for a steamy romance read? Check out Anya Sharpe's debut romance novel, Passion Unscripted.

A celebrity playboy looking for love...Carson Wells’ heart closed up shop six years ago when his fiancée ran off with his rock-star best friend. Since then, the dancer-actor has turned his back on serious relationships, seeking no-strings, down-and-dirty sex with a laundry list of hot women. But lately, a growing loneliness tugs at his gut...along with an unrelenting desire for his co-star. When he finally acts on their smoldering mutual attraction, there’s no turning back. He’s hooked. A sassy screen star putting her heart on the line...Having spent years guarding her scarred heart, Lara Kincaid is totally out of her depth with the fiery attraction to her playboy leading man. His history with women is a deep well, and her insecurities and secrets run even deeper. Even so, something about the man tugs at her heart and soul. Carson’s sex appeal and charming persuasion have cast a spell on her, but their pasts threaten to unravel that magic. She’s dipped a toe in the water—should she dive right in, she just might drown.

I sat down with Anya after reading an advanced copy of her steamy debut novel and asked her a few questions:

1. Your debut novel, Passion Unscripted has just been released, what inspired you two write such a spicy romance?

Anya: Passion Unscripted was initially the second in an intended series. Carson was a secondary character. My writing group loved him and encouraged me to write his story, which I did. I’d been reading a lot of spicy novels and I guess I was in that mode, so it was a natural progression. It was a lot of fun to do.

2. What's the funniest thing you have heard from friends and family when you tell them you are writing a spicy romance?

Anya: They all want to know if Carson is based off my husband. No. No way. That would just be creepy. Although he is kinda cute….

3. Is this book part of a series?

Anya: It was initially supposed to be the second in a series. The first book — about Gray and Eve — needs serious revision. I’m hoping to buckle down and do that, but I’ve gotten caught up in the three other books I recently completed. Gray is a co-star with Carson and Eve is an investigative reporter. They were my guinea pigs on romance writing.

4. The characters on Passion Unscripted are actors and actresses on a soap opera and dancers, do you have any experience in those two areas?

Anya: No. None. Except watching “General Hospital” when I was in college. You know — the Luke and Laura days. (Still madly in lust with John Stamos…) Dancing? Not so much. It’s a scary thing when I get on a dance floor. Just ask the guy on my recent cruise who tried to teach me to two-step. Not sure his feet are healed yet.

Tell me a little about yourself?

Anya: I write contemporary romance novels with a high "heat" level. Most of my professional career has been spent writing and editing for daily newspapers — including a writing a nationally syndicated food column.

Until recently, elementary education became a second career. During that time I guided students through NaNoWriMo and took a stab at starting a children’s novel (a project that's been sitting on the shelf for a few years) before moving into romance writing. I'm a member of RWA and the Desert Rose chapter and I occasionally edit romance novels for other authors. I live in Arizona, and have lived in Southern California and Oregon and grew up in Massachusetts. Married and the mother of two, I love to travel to exotic, romantic locales where I enjoy sitting in the sun and getting my tan on, reading, scuba diving or skiing (snow), as well as trying great restaurants, cooking good food, drinking great wine and sight-seeing.

Passion Unscripted is for readers who love high heat in their romances. Well written and loaded with beautiful and steamy characters to get lost with. Escape for a few hours with Passion Unscripted. Available at the following locations October 20, 2017.


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