October Fright Night: Books & Movies to terrify you!

We are in one of my favorite months. I even like the word October. This three-syllable word rolls off my tongue with ease, and conjures up memories of changing leaves, bonfires and sweaters. At the end of this month, Halloween offers an excuse to dress up in clothes you would be laughed at wearing every day. Yes, for one day, no one blinks an eye when you strut in the room wearing your bathrobe, smoking a cigar like Hugh Hefner, or wearing the naughty nurse outfit. Even better? You get to eat candy, lots of it. Legend has it… calories don’t count on Halloween Eve.

So, in the spirit of this wonderful month, I have a few scary movies to review. Typically, words travel film blog suggests what to stream, but in the essence of weirdness, I am suggesting two movies I don’t recommend, and two of my favorite creepy movies.

Two new horror movies I can’t recommend (I know some of you may watch because of this, but remember, I warned you):

  1. Gerald’s Game-2017 New to Netflix this horror film is based on a novel by Stephen King. Sounds good, right ( The Shining is a classic)? Who doesn’t love the King? Two words to describe this disturbing film: Sick and chilling. Not my kind of spine chilling movie. A husband and wife, a dog and someone’s cuffed to the bed for 80% of the movie. Now, I haven’t read the novel and I understand it is excellent and deals with some issues on child abuse but to me, watching the characters on screen was terrifying.

  2. 47 Meters Down-2017 Okay, I streamed this deep-sea Jaws-like movie, because I love Mandy Moore on “This is Us”. I figured she would have her pick of the litter of great movies. Hmmm, she is a great actress, but the lack of factual diving information made me yell at the screen. Yes, I jumped and watched the whole movie, but if you love to scuba dive and want to do a shark dive, maybe don’t watch it.

And, here are two of my favorite little-known scary films.

  1. Don’t be afraid of the Dark- 2010 Guillermo Del Toro presents a good remake of an old teleplay. Starring Katie Homes and Guy Pearce. Not sick scary just old fashioned scary movie.

  2. House at the end of the Street- 2012 starring Jennifer Lawrence., Max Thieriot. Would you want to buy a house at the end of the street where a double homicide happened? Watch it and you’ll find your answer. I recommend finding someone to snuggle close with or at least a good blanket to cover your eyes.

Tired of binge watching TV? Grab a scary book, here’s two new thriller book suggestions to read in the dark:

  1. No Exit by Taylor Adams 2017 First book I have ever read by Taylor Adams, but I am sure I will be reading more. A page turner full of twists and turns. A thriller that will make your heart pound. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

  2. Stillhouse Lake- 2017 Imagine finding out by a random car accident that your husband is a serial killer! It gets worse. A happily married woman with two children loses everything. The plot pulls you in and will have you locking your doors at night. This is Book One of a series with the second book coming out in December. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

So, pick your passion, curl up with a hot apple cider, some tasty sweet candy and start reading or streaming a scary story. Happy Halloween, celebrate fright night and embrace the holiday.

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