17 great movies and binge worthy shows from 2017

Okay, ready for it? Here’s my end of the year wrap-up for 2017 film ( words and travel coming next).

I’ve watched a lot of movies and binged a lot of shows in 2017, and I wanted to share them with you. Who knows maybe YOU will find yourself bundled up by a fire, in the middle of a snowstorm, or recovering with chicken noodle soup getting over a cold, and you need something good to watch. Whatever reason you need to justify an escape for a few hours, take it, life’s too short. And, if you haven’t watched any of the 17 shows below, you might just want to give them a chance and get ready to binge watch.

  1. Godless- Series: not your father’s western but I loved this series. From the beginning to the end. And… it does end--making me satisfied. Great series.

  2. 13 reasons Why – Series: Haunting but worth binging.

  3. Mind Hunter – Series: I love this series set in the 1970’s. Solid, creepy and excellent acting.

  4. Baby Driver – Film: This car chasing clever film was one of my favorite big screen movie outings in 2017.

  5. Logan Lucky – Film: Who knew Tatum Channing could be so Oklahoma…a heist movie that ranks up there.

  6. A Dogs Purpose – Film: Yes, I have a dog, and yes I liked the movie.

  7. The Big Sick – Film: Witty, current and enjoyable.

  8. Big Little Lies – mini-series: California dreaming not. I didn’t want to watch this, but I did, and I liked every dark part of it.

  9. Wonder Women – Film: If you haven’t seen this 2017 action film starring the beautiful Gal Gadot, watch it.

  10. The Zookeepers Wife – Film: World War Two story worth watching, sad but true.

  11. Wind River – Film: Prepared to be chilled, and it’s based on a true story.

  12. Wonder – Film: Great acting, a feel-good film that might teach a lesson, family friendly.

  13. Stranger Things – Series: Catch up on the first series then watch series two. Retro in the 80’s where I know strange things happened.

  14. Ozarks – Series: Breaking Bad meets the Ozarks and money laundering, waiting for season two.

  15. Anne with an E – Series: the darker side of one of my favorite childhood books, Anne of Green Gables.

  16. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – Series: I watched the pilot on amazon and now the series is finally here. Charming and hilarious.

  17. Ray Donovan- Series: I can’t help but like the latest series, Liv Schriever you make dark and gritty, sexy.

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