And the Oscar goes to...

What? No, we do not know the winners of the 2018 Oscars--not yet-- but hopefully I got your attention. The Oscars will be held this year on Sunday, March 4, 2018, and hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. Plenty of time to gather a few friends and family together, make ballots and have a fantastic Oscar party.

If you are like me, I have seen a few but I have a long list to go. Time to catch up on the Oscar nominated films.

Listed below are the list of the 2018 Oscar Nominated Films for Best Picture. Add them to your list, pick out the ones you want to see, and start watching!

The nominees include:


"Call Me by Your Name"

I haven't seen this film, but I do love stories that make you feel. Set in 1983, in a villa in Italy, a love story between a professors son and the graduate student Oliver who comes for the summer.

"Darkest Hour"

A biography and historical film about Winston Churchill.


I went to see this film last year in my hometown of Pennsylvania with my family. First time I ever heard of the story of Dunkirk. What a story. Some didn't like the three intertwined tales, I enjoyed the film.

"Get Out" -

I really loved this unique film. Interesting and surprising premise. I call it "The stepford wives of 2017".

"Lady Bird" -

This one is on my list. A coming of age story about a high school senior from "the wrong side of the tracks" ( hmmm. so whats the right side?) .

"Phantom Thread" -

Set in the 1950's in London. A well to do dressmaker, set in his ways, meets a young woman who apparently disrupts his life in love and creation.

"The Post"-

Directed by Steven Speilberg, the true story of a battle between the press and the government. This is on my list. Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks.

"The Shape of Water"

From Director Guillermo del Toro, a fable full of conspiracy, top secret classified information in a government lab in the 1960's. It sounds like my type of adventure. This is on my list.

"Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri"

Starring Frances McDormand and Woodly Harrelson, it's a story about a mother who challenges a police chief when they havent solved her daughters murder. Billed as a dark comedy...I haven't watched this, I'm thinking it's a Fargo type film.

Okay now you have the list. If you want to have an opinion, get caught up with choosing your favorite film for picture of the year. Go watch some Oscar worthy films and let me know your favorite. Click on the titles for all the details.

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