Iceland? $69 flights to the land of ice and fire

Iceland think green, Greenland think ice, or at least that's what I remember being told as a kid, but I would like to know first hand and spend a few days in Iceland.

I don't know about you but something about the land of ice and fire always intrigued me. If you are looking for a unique adventure at a bargain price, and you live in any of these cities...Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas-Fort Worth, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and Washington, D.C. you can fly to Iceland for only $69 one-way.* (restrictions apply)

Wow! Yes Wow air is the airline offering these limited deals, so, if you have always wanted to go, check out this limited deal. Travel between May and June to enjoy the endless summer and September and October for a glimpse of the northern lights.

Iceland is a quick flight to an exciting international destination. If you love the daylight, Iceland offers the experience of a 24 -hour summer.

Open your mind and heart to cool things such as active geysers, blue whales, blue lagoons, darling puffins and a pulsing night life. If the peaceful and tranquility are for you, travel the charming countryside and see amazing waterfalls and picturesque villages.

Create a vacation with a little bit of everything.

My suggestion:

Fly in and spend a night in Reykjavik. Either pick up a car, or hire a driver. Rent a night using Airbnb or use Expedia for a hotel you like in the city. Depending on when you arrive, at Keflavik International Airport, take time to visit the Blue Lagoon, Iceland’s most famous thermal baths, on the way into the city, it's closer to the airport.

Spend a night enjoying the city, museums, night life, and delicious restaurants, then head out for a drive to see the Golden Circle. There are geysers, water falls and beauty. Pick a hotel near the circle. Your pick on on where to next, perhaps ice caving or a wilderness trek.

Make sure you see Diamond Beach before you head back to Reykjavik, where icebergs wash up on the beach like diamonds.

There are fishing villages, waterfalls, and breathtaking scenery in every direction. It is the land of fire and ice, so experience it all. Be daring. Get lost in Iceland with a map, a smart phone and a rental car.

There are many ways to see Iceland, whether you go on a group tour such as Iceland travel, a day tour from Reykjavick , or rent a car and do a 5-day itinerary.

Here is "The ultimate 5-day Iceland itinerary by follow me" , for the self guided. Iceland Travel can help with those who prefer group day tours.

To help save money, use Travel Secrets for booking hotels and tours, a guide to insider secrets for travel. This book is free on Kindle Unlimited or $2.99 on Amazon.

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