Virgin Islands & Book Clubs (and free ebook)

Have you visited the Virgin Islands? The Virgins islands are both U.S. Territories and British. The U.S. Virgin Islands (easy for those without a passport) consists of four larger islands ( St. Thomas, St. John, St Croix and Water Island) all which have great places to stay and about 50 smaller islands. The British Virgin Islands (BVI) also has four larger islands : Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke and Anegada and 32 smaller islands. Right now is a fantastic time to visit these fabulous islands and help support the locals who are still recovering from two Category Five Hurricanes last year. INext month, my blog will feature a list of places to stay, eat and the top ten things to do in the USVI!

Megan's Bay, I took this photo on the cliff above the bay, on my way there.

The town is back up and running and the folks there are rebuilding and just waiting for the visitors to once again bask in the sunshine, blue water and white sands. If you hurry up and plan a vacation, it might remind you of stepping back in history, when beaches and towns were not overrun with crowds. I loved it!

Just returning from a seven day vacation on St. Thomas and St. John, I can't stop gushing about the friendly locals and fantastic time. Everywhere you go the locals are kind and interested in YOU having a great visit.

And, the islands are a great size to keep running into the same folks. To the right, are a group of great OHIO folks, Buckeye fans that we kept bumping into at every beach. It became a running joke, as they showed me how you can spell OHIO wherever you are.

While there I was able to attend by phone (wet from the ocean with sand on my feet), a book club who had selected my summer beach read, A Deep Thing by A. K. Smith as their book of the month. The Roanoke Country Club Book Club, a great group of women from Virginia, meet monthly to discuss a new book. It was fun to be at Coki Beach in St. Thomas while we talked. If you have a book club and want to read my book,

contact me for a free 30-minute skype or face time Q & A during your meeting. I might even attend while on an island!

Stay tuned for next month's blog, 10 reasons to go Virgin. If you haven't planned vacations, or just need to be inspired, check out my two new Travel Journals and plan your travel bucket list. For 4 days, My Travel Bucket List is completely free as an ebook (June 30th-July 4th) . It works much better as a printed journal, but for those who like to see the entire book before they buy, it is temporarily free on Amazon as a kindle book for everyone full of quotes and questions. Happy 4th! Check it out for free and get inspired about starting a travel bucket list. Click here for the free kindle book. Perhaps just reading the quotes will make you want to travel more. Two versions: My Travel Bucket List (ebook temporarily free) and Our Travel Bucket list for couples and families.

there I had a 30 minute book club session schduled wiht a wonderful book club out of Roanoke, Virginia.

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