2016 Words, Travel, Film A. K. Smith author

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Need a vacation? Who doesn't? Thinking about a place to get away? Let's go! 

Use this insider guide to help you create a travel plan to take and afford more vacations. 
Buy this book as a gift for those in your life who need a vacation. Have a family member or friend reaching a milestone birthday? Gift them this book--it's never too early or too late to create a travel bucket list. 

Create your travel bucket list and get started with your inspirations and journeys. "Travel Secrets - Insider guide to planning, affording and taking more vacations!" offers travel secrets you won't find anywhere else. Written by a traveler who has taken over 99 vacations in three years, this book will share secrets, tips, tricks and advice to affording more vacations and how to plan for them. Finding the hottest travel websites, smart phone applications and more will help transform your vacation dreams into reality. Thinking about going “green”? How about a list of ways to “go green” and save enough money for a vacation while helping the planet at the same time? Read Chapter 6 "99 secrets that will change the way you travel and save you money" and get the price of the book back 100 times. With so many choices available to us and so many offers on the internet, television and magazines, travel secrets are everywhere! Discover them without spending all your time and money.

This is a book about travel secrets. Secrets to enrich your life… Secrets that will get you up off the couch and traveling more. Secrets that will save you money so you can afford to make travel part of your everyday life, starting today. 

Travel Secrets- Insider Guide to Planning, Affording and Taking M0re Vacations